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Chari Candle Co.

Persimmon + Orchard Reed Diffuser

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Persimmon + Orchard.

Notes: Green Leaves, Apple, Cedar, Persimmon and Clove.

How to Use Reed Diffusers:

•Remove silver bottle cap, then remove plastic stopper.
•Replace silver bottle cap.
•Insert reeds, positioning as you desire.
•Allow reeds to absorb the fragrance for up to 30 mins. You should be able to smell it throughout your space.
•Reed diffusers are optimized in medium to large spaces.

I created this brand to share my passion for embracing warm, cozy scents during the most important moments in life. Our scents are titled to bring love and light to your home. 

*This listing includes One (1) 6 oz Reed Diffuser with 6 Wooden Reeds.


Candles: Coconut Apricot Creme Wax, Cotton Wicks, Clean & Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils, Love.

Wax Melts: Coconut Tart Wax, Clean & Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils, Happiness.

Room & Linen Spray: Room Spray Base, Clean & Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils, Positivity.

Diffusers: Diffuser Base, Clean & Non-Toxic Fragrance Oils, Good Vibes.

Care information

  • Trim your wick 1/4 inch each time before lighting your candle to get a smooth, even burn & to prevent mushrooming.
  • Allow your candle to create a full melt pool across the top before snuffing the flame for optimum performance & longevity.
  • Burn your candle for a maximum of 4 hours each time. 
  • See your Candle Care card & Warning label for reminders.
  • Relax, Unwind, Enjoy.